Turn your Followers into Cake Customers

Is this you?

  • Are you struggling with getting consistent customers for your business every month?
  • Do you want to sell cakes & ACTUALLY make a profit?
  • Have you been having low sales and you’re not sure exactly where your getting it wrong when it comes to marketing?
  • Would you like to increase sales in your Cake Business and make enough revenue to make it a full time activity for you?

Learn how to market your Small Baking business online & increase sales within 4 months of execution



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You’re in the right place right now if…

  • You want to gain clarity on what you offer as a Small Baking Business so that you attract the right type of customer for your Cakes & Pastries
  • You want to be able to cost and price accurately to make sure you’re making a profit when you sell your baked goods.
  • You want to market & attract the right customers for your baking business who will buy & keep coming back for your cake/pastry products
  • You want to know how to set-up your business properly and have systems that will help you grow & manage your business effectively


You could have a step-by-step, easy to understand and very in-depth process to help you set-up your baking brand, build awareness, increase sales & grow a profitable small baking business.


  • Build a signature Small Baking Business known for offering specific types of baked products
  • Cost & Price accurately and be confident that you are selling at a PROFIT
  • Get paid by the right type of customers looking for your particular products and get sales every month based on effective marketing & sales tactics you’ll be using every month.


The Amari Followers to Cake Customers Program

Online Business Bootcamp for Bakers

Proven process that helps Small scale bakers build awareness, market and sell their cakes within 4 months


The Amari Followers to Cake Program helps you…

Gain clarity on how to start & run a Small Baking business that will grow into a Profitable business in a few years. The key to success is using a process that incorporates efficient business systems and result-based sales tactics. A process that gives you:

CLARITY: Define what baked products niche segment your business is in and who needs the products you’re selling. This also helps you cost and price accurately as well.

DELIGHT: Tips on ensuring your customers are happy & satisfied with your baked products and tactics on how to keep existing customers coming back & becoming loyal customers.

DEFINES HOW TO ATTRACT & CONVERT: Build demand for your baked products & attract the right target audience and potential clients; then convert then to actual buying customers using highly effective digital marketing sales strategies that have been proven to work.

This is a process that has helped over 100 Bakers gain clarity on starting and running Small Bakery businesses that are income-generating for the last 3 years.

The Followers to Cake Customers Program was created by Maureen Bilha Kamari, Founder of:

Baking with Amari &
Chiffon Cakes by Amari Bakery

I share advice and tips on ensuring your customers are happy & satisfied with your baked products and tactics on how to keep existing customers coming back & becoming loyal customers.

I have also learned hard lessons by making mistakes of my own from the beginning and learning from those challenges. This is why I am passionate about teaching effective strategies to other bakers looking to grow. I have been able to build my baking business from a Solopreneurship to a Small business with 5 to 8 Team Members; and everything I teach is based on how I:

  • *Got clear on my baking business offering & target customers
  • *Accurately costed & priced for profit & growth.
  • *Used Marketing and Sales strategy to attract & convert my online audience to actual buying customers.

SNEAK PEEK: What is covered in the program:

PHASE 1: CLARITY (Chapter 1 to 4)

  • Gain clarity on what you offer i.e. what you will bake & sell.
  • How to do market research & steps to take once you do.
  • How to cost & price your baked products based on your niche & business set-up (Sample excel templates included to help you cost faster).
  • Business systems to set-up in your bakery business.

PHASE 2: ATTRACT (Chapter 5 & 6)

  • Digital marketing Options to use in your Small Bakery business
  • Social Media marketing; how to open accounts, how to post on 5 platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube & Pinterest), how to run Facebook & Instagram Ads – for marketing and sales.
  • Other types of marketing tactics to consider.

PHASE 3: CONVERT (Chapter 7)

  • Various Sales tactics & strategies to use to get potential customers and followers to ACTUALLY buy from you.
  • Sales strategies using various platforms to get buying customers
  • Advice on Sales prospecting & examples.

PHASE 4: DELIGHT (Chapter 8)

  • Customer service and importance
  • Examples of loyalty marketing
  • Various examples of how to keep delighting your customers and have them coming back
  • P/S: We also have a final chapter discussing Considerations on expansion (Chapter 9: How to go from Home baking business to Bakery shop).


Make the decision that your future self will thank you for years to come, right now


This Course is for you if:

  • You are a home baker looking to get serious and set-up a home baking business
  • You are a Small Bakery shop owner with 1 – 5 employees struggling with business systems & you’re looking to streamline your bakery operations & set-up a profitable business
  • You are serious about running a profitable home-based or small baking business and you’re ready to do the work.
  • You want to grow your business using digital marketing and make sales using effective strategies

This Course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re passionate about baking & selling, but you want to keep it as a Hobby – you’re not interested in making profit.
  • You have a bakery shop with 15 or more employees that already has systems in place.
  • You don’t work well in a self-driven or self-paced environment and you only need One-on-One coaching.
  • You’re not ready to use Social media or Digital marketing as a tool to grow your business and you’re not ready to put in the work.
  • Already have a profitable Home-based baking business or Small bakery shop – you already have the results we’re providing ^_^


Q. Is this program right for me if I haven’t started my home baking business yet?
Yes! In fact; it’s perfect for a baker who hasn’t started and wants to learn how to set up their business the right way from the get go.

Q. Do I get one on one coaching time with Maureen? How are students supported in this program?
This is not a 1:1 coaching program; it is a self-driven & self-paced online course program which includes Community group support (both Facebook & WhatsApp groups) with monthly live video calls. There is one-on-one DM check-in every month though, on WhatsApp DM where you can share or ask any personal challenges you may have during the course period.
You will also be submitting monthly assignments & time-bound challenges via e-mail where Maureen will share feedback and advice on the specific assignment you share.
The monthly live video sessions will also be held in a dedicated Facebook group where Maureen will give support and clarification on any specific queries raised in the program period of time.

Q. You already have a ton of freely shared content on Amari Platforms for Business, how will this be any different?
This program contains in-depth strategies and breakdowns on exactly how to execute on specific tactics, methods and processes that are not shared in any of our free content. We also have a clearly set out step by step process on what to do and When.

Q. Will I make my money back in terms of results in my business after paying for this program? I am worried that this may not have any return on investment?
The Followers to Cake Customers Program Curriculum is designed to help you either set-up or streamline your baking business and get your results within the first 4 months. We’ve had students start making sales by the 2nd month of executing our strategies and some took longer e.g. within 5 to 8 months. As long as you execute on the strategies taught, you will make your money back in sales over time guaranteed.
Each student’s success path depends on various factors including how well they go through the course content, their background & environment, commitment to executing on the strategies and how much effort they put into assignments and understanding the strategies.

Q. How long do I get access to the Course and what do I do if I want to extend my Access?
The Course content in the Followers to Cake Customers Program can be consumed within 4 months if a student follows a basic weekly schedule.
However; we know that life happens and it can be hard to keep up with the content weekly; this is why the course now has 12-month access to the video content and templates. This will give any student enough time to watch the class sessions and start executing on the strategies.
If you would like an extension to the Course content – we offer discounts to past Alumni of the Baking for Profit online program and you can get additional 12-month access to the course at a 50% one-time discount. Please reach out to us via e-mail requesting additional access to the course to get full details. Send email to: info@amaribakery.com
Students also get 12 month access to the Community Facebook group for the duration of their access to the course content as well.

Q. Will the A Program work for me even if I am not in the African region? Will the Tips and techniques be relevant to me?
The Followers to Cake Customers program has majority of the content specific to general effective baking for business practices and strategies that are not specifically region-related but are results-oriented. This means that they will work for most regions in the world.
However; please note that some tips and advice will be geared towards an African-based audience as our main business location is in Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa.
We recommend having a solid understanding of the English language as the whole course is in English.
We also recommend doing your own research on local laws on legal requirements for starting a business in your region. Make sure to also get information on your local taxes as well.

Q. I may have more questions about this program and I would like to speak to someone. How can I reach you?
If you want to book a 15 minute call and make specific inquiries about the program, please book on this link – click here

You may contact us to get more details on our Baking for Profit program. You can email us on: info@amaribakery.com or You can send us a WhatsApp message on: +254701796688 and we will respond to you during working hours – EAT: Monday to Friday – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
You can also call these numbers during work hours: EAT: Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm: +254701796688 OR +254791384890

DETAILS ON HOW TO ENROLL. To Apply – click here.